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“Horror” program in the Legends of Tallinn

Want more terrible? It will be terrible!
We have long wanted to celebrate our event in the style of Horror, or maybe just love to tickle your nerves - then this program is for you!
Journey through the Middle Ages will be terribly unforgettable, and the actors of the Legends of Tallinn will make sure that the tension in the air falls. Everything is the same as always - the same mysterious stories of old Tallinn ... BUT ... in all its glory ... no one knows what awaits you around the bend, because here even the walls have eyes ...
Be careful and look at your feet ...
Duration: 50 minutes
The cost depends on the number of people and the wishes of the customer.
Czym są
Legendy Tallina

Czytaj dalej
So-Nd 11:00-19:00
Połączenia są odbierane w godzinach 12:00–19:00
W dni robocze pracujemy na wstępne spotkania od 6 osób!

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