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Master classes for children in the "Legends of Tallinn"

Master Class on Cryptography - Secret Writing
Secrets ... Secrets ... - always surrounded the person, especially in our days.
Cryptography is the art of keeping secrets, and the art of revealing them.
The legends of Tallinn will reveal the most ancient secrets!
During the master class, children will get acquainted with the most interesting historical ciphers and their fate, and, of course, will try to use them in their own business.
What is the line of Saint-Cyr and how the drive of Caesar helped to win the war; is it possible to encrypt a message using a regular thread and what ciphers are used in until now - we will deal with all the questions with the guys!

And, perhaps, this is only the beginning of the path ... After all, some ciphers still remain a mystery to scientists.
Age: from 8 years
Duration: 1 hour
For groups, check with the administrator.

Master class on the creation of "Travianchik"
In the Middle Ages, everyone was engaged in his own business and craft. The cultivation of herbs was important. The superstitions of the time gave a special meaning to each plant.
In the "Legends of Tallinn" the Middle Ages stopped and you have the opportunity to create a useful friend - "Travianchik" with your own hands.
Who are they ?! - These are small creatures (toys) that children will create using a special technology. Then they will be able to bring their new friend home, care for him and water. After some time, the green will start to break through from above ... grass, and maybe it is hair, or wool, and maybe needles ... and what Travianchik will you create?
Age: from 6 years
Duration: 1 hour
For groups, check with the administrator.
"Talino legendos"
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Šeš-Sek 11:00-19:00
Skambučiai priimami 12:00–19:00
Darbo dienomis dirbame pagal išankstinius 6 žmonių susitikimus!

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