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What would you do if the death itself appeared at your doorstep? Unfortunately, there aren’t many options. You can run away, but no matter where you go death will follow your heels. You can turn to plague doctors, whose corpses lay down next to the corpses of their patients. Or you can cry out to the Lord, but hundreds of thousands of other victims would tell you that there is no point in waiting on God. Lastly, you can choose to deny the inevitable and indulge in sin, but death doesn’t care if you fear it or not. So what would you do when death appears at your doorstep?
In the middle of XIV century plague pandemic spread across the whole European continent, killing over 75 million people. In «Tallinn Legends» you will get a chance to spin in dance with the Black Death itself and hear out the stories from the darkest period in the world’s history.

What is
"Tallinn Legends"?
What is  "Tallinn Legends"?

Sat-Sun 11:00-19:00
On week we work on pre-bookings from 6 persons!
You can call us at 12am to 7pm

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