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Saint Olaf’s church

Construction of Saint Olaf’s church costed city a lot of trouble. For the whole century it was devastating the city’s treasury; merchants were forced to give up all of their materials, half of the city’s population were working at the site. All for the sake of building the highest church tower in the entire world. Seven brilliant foremen one after another fell off the tall walls of the tower and only one, a young worker called Olev, managed to finish the work of his ancestors. He died few days later, while Saint Olaf’s church was repeatedly stroke by the lightning. Rumor has it, the tower was cursed.
«Tallinn Legends» will lift you and your folks high above the church and look at it from the birds-eye view. The problem, however, is that with the next lighting stroke you will be thrown deep down into the darkness of the Middle Ages.

What is
"Tallinn Legends"?
What is  "Tallinn Legends"?

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