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New Year's quest Travel in time for children, children 8-12 years old

On the eve of the holidays, everything is messed up: the past, the present, the future, countries and heroes ... Holidays can be thwarted - YOUR help is very necessary.
In the program you expect:
- a journey through time through the rooms of the dungeon and acquaintance with the heroes of the Legends of Tallinn
- accompanying actor-lead
- thematic quest program: the disclosure of the New Year's Secrets of the Middle Ages and our days, the tradition of celebrating the new year in the past, present and future in different countries of the world, searching for old keys and a chest with "secret"
- creating a time medallion with your own hands as a keepsake
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Groups from 10 people
Cost: from 120 euros per group
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Lör- Sön 11:00-19:00
På vardagar arbetar vi med preliminära möten från 6 personer!
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