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Once upon a time a young, oddly looking man crossed the city gates. He introduced himself as a famous alchemist, claiming that he can derive a formula of the Philosopher’s stone. Magistrate and the city’s authorities were highly skeptical about the outcome of his experiments but provided all that was requested just in case.
The following morning alchemist suddenly disappeared from his room, leaving behind a piece of paper with a long, complicated formula. Hopeful, citizens turned to the druggist and asked him to recreate what was written. But unfortunately, what alchemist left in his room was not the Philosopher’s stone, it was a formula of a surprisingly tasteful candy that was given a name marzipan. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular sweets in Estonia that you can easily get in any shop.

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"Tallinn Legends"?
What is  "Tallinn Legends"?

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