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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tallinn Legends. What's all this about?
    A medieval dungeon is situated just next to the Town Hall Square. European performing arts, classical music, convoluted history of Tallinn, medieval literature and the latest achievements in science and technology are naturally entwined in the labyrinths of the dungeon.
    9 legends – 9 rooms, 9 live shows in a space of 600 sq. m
    Professional artists, mechanical dolls and talking heads
    The latest special effects, video installations, 3D-projections and fantastic scenery
    40 minutes of fears, laughter and delight
    9 centuries of the interactive history of medieval Tallinn
  • How to book a visit?
    It is as easy as anything. You can contact us by calling +372 510 7453 or by
    Our performances start every 15 minutes and run for 40 minutes.
    We give 20-30 performances on average per day.
  • It is true that the performances are in 4 languages?
    Yes. When you reserve a ticket, you also choose the language of the performance: Estonian, Russian, Finnish or English. And then the actors participating in the performance will speak the language chosen by you.
    In a season with increased attendance, the performance in Estonian is showing at least once per hour.
  • It is true that the performance goes even for one spectator?
    Yes. Our performances can be shown even for one spectator.
    But what if we have a big group?
    The maximum number of persons in one group – 15. Therefore, if there are more than 6 persons in the group, please contact with our sales department.
What is  "Tallinn Legends"?

Sat-Sun 11:00-19:00
On week we work on pre-bookings from 6 persons!
You can call us at 12am to 7pm

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